Batman 51

I didn’t even want to read this after Batman 50 and the freaking wedding. I am still pissy about that, but I sucked it up and read it. Also, my husband may disown me if I gave up Batman. So it starts out with Bruce Wayne getting out of a car, going to sit in […]

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Harley Quinn 46

Harley is still helping out Granny Goodness this week. Like why Harley??!!! The book picks up from Harley and Petite Tina fighting. Petite Tina stops fighting and tries to tell Harley that Granny Goodness isn’t a good person. Tina tells Harley that she was a Lowlie before granny kidnapped her and turned her into a […]

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Batman Dectetive 984

This starts out with some weird lady selling a creepy mask to a strange man named Karma. He uses this mask and attacks Cassandra Cain (which I love her, how can you attack her?!). Cassandra is trying to hold her own but is having a hard time. Batman sends Black Lightening to go and save […]

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Titans 23

I have to be honest with this review…this is my first time reading Titans. I mean I watch Teen Titans Go with my daughter, but apparently that is not the same thing lmao. I made my husband explain the difference to me. I came into a story that had already been set up and so […]

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Batgirl 24

YAY!!!!!!!!! Batgirl is one of my favorites!!!! So, this opens with some type of drug called Easy-A that is being sold on a college campus. Some kids that are buying the drug see a shadow and run off. The drug dealers call the shadow Batman….but it’s not…it’s BATGIRL! I was like great another Batgirl story […]

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Batgirl 23

So yes I know that this comic came out a few weeks ago, but I was behind on Batgirl. How dare I?! I’m sorry Batgirl!! This comic picks up from Batgirl 22 where she was hit with some type of device and she is in a dream like state. She is fighting some giant beast […]

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Plastic Man #2

I’m not sure how to feel about Plastic Man….I enjoyed the first comic, but this one felt like it was drawn out. It starts off that he is looking for someone and asking all of these random people if they know who he is talking about. He even asks Batwoman about the person he is […]

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Nightwing #46

The cover was awesome, I mean did you see Nightwing’s ass? Looking good man! Then Batgirl is there too…she’s one of my favorites. I really wanted to be excited about this book, because I do like Dick….Grayson. But I am over those little spider bot things. I wasn’t crazy about the last issue and I […]

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Harley Quinn #45

I LOVE Harley Quinn. As lame as it may be, it is one of my favorite comics. The jokes in her books are awesome. My husband hates when I read the jokes out loud, but his humor sucks, so he doesn’t understand my love for Harley. The art and story lines of Harley never lets me down. […]

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Catwoman #1

Where to start? Well I was not happy going into this book because of what happened in Batman 50 (read my review on that). Even though I was upset, this book was awesome! I have never really been a fan of Catwoman, but I may be now! The cover was great and the paper in […]

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