Batman 51

I didn’t even want to read this after Batman 50 and the freaking wedding. I am still pissy about that, but I sucked it up and read it. Also, my husband may disown me if I gave up Batman. So it starts out with Bruce Wayne getting out of a car, going to sit in […]

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Batman Dectetive 984

This starts out with some weird lady selling a creepy mask to a strange man named Karma. He uses this mask and attacks Cassandra Cain (which I love her, how can you attack her?!). Cassandra is trying to hold her own but is having a hard time. Batman sends Black Lightening to go and save […]

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Batman 50 The Wedding!!!

*Spoilers* First off I have to say I did enjoy the art in this issue.¬†Second, The New York Times sucks for spoiling the story. And finally WTF?!!!! So we have all been waiting¬†FOREVER for this huge wedding day. I wanted Batman and Catwoman to get married so bad. I wanted a batcat baby!! I went […]

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