Batgirl 24

YAY!!!!!!!!! Batgirl is one of my favorites!!!! So, this opens with some type of drug called Easy-A that is being sold on a college campus. Some kids that are buying the drug see a shadow and run off. The drug dealers call the shadow Batman….but it’s not…it’s BATGIRL! I was like great another Batgirl story […]

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Batgirl 23

So yes I know that this comic came out a few weeks ago, but I was behind on Batgirl. How dare I?! I’m sorry Batgirl!! This comic picks up from Batgirl 22 where she was hit with some type of device and she is in a dream like state. She is fighting some giant beast […]

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Nightwing #46

The cover was awesome, I mean did you see Nightwing’s ass? Looking good man! Then Batgirl is there too…she’s one of my favorites. I really wanted to be excited about this book, because I do like Dick….Grayson. But I am over those little spider bot things. I wasn’t crazy about the last issue and I […]

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