Catwoman #1

Where to start? Well I was not happy going into this book because of what happened in Batman 50 (read my review on that). Even though I was upset, this book was awesome! I have never really been a fan of Catwoman, but I may be now! The cover was great and the paper in […]

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Batman 50 The Wedding!!!

*Spoilers* First off I have to say I did enjoy the art in this issue. Second, The New York Times sucks for spoiling the story. And finally WTF?!!!! So we have all been waiting FOREVER for this huge wedding day. I wanted Batman and Catwoman to get married so bad. I wanted a batcat baby!! I went […]

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Getting to Know Me

Before the big wedding day I thought I should tell y’all a little about me. First off, I’m a mom and a wife. I felt like that was all my day revolved around and I wanted to find something for me to enjoy. I NEVER thought that thing would be comic books. But here I am killing […]

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I am here to break down comic books each week. I’m a girl in a man’s world here. What better time to start a comic blog then now with Batman 50 right around the corner! Join me weekly to get the info! Good company in a journey makes the way seem […]

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