Harley Quinn 46

Harley is still helping out Granny Goodness this week. Like why Harley??!!!

The book picks up from Harley and Petite Tina fighting. Petite Tina stops fighting and tries to tell Harley that Granny Goodness isn’t a good person. Tina tells Harley that she was a Lowlie before granny kidnapped her and turned her into a fury. Tina is now a fallen fury and now the others hunt her. Harley is just like well whatever and knocks Tina out.

Harley tells Granny that she has taken care of Petite Tina. That is when Granny Goodness introduces The Subjukator. Harley really doesn’t care about him and just wants to go get a burger. Granny gets a little angry by that and send Harley on her way. Harley goes to a locker room type area to shower and get cleaned up. The others in there were not being very nice to Harley and she ends up punching someone.

She finally gets out to get a burger, but the place she goes doesn’t serve any (poor Harley). Now that she is all depressed she goes out alone with her hammer and starts talking about leaving. The hammer talks back to her and tells her that it can torture people, dwell on her worst memory, and boom tube teleport her to anywhere. She asks if it can call her mother and it tells her no.

Back at Harley’s apartment, her assistant is feeding all of her animals and collect her mail. This chick is blind and has a freaking flame thrower…..who gave her that?! I’m like how do you know that you are frying the food for the animals, and not actually frying the animals?

So back to Harley, she has a bunch of people in this huge create, box thing and is going to send them to a place she has no idea about. They beg her to save them and at first she is like uh nope, sorry. After more talking and finding out about what is really going to happen to these people, she changes her mind and saves them. Granny finds out and is pissed off and demands to know where they are at. Harley sent them to Badhnisia Beach.

Granny is yelling about Harley being a disgrace to Darkseid and takes the hammer back from her. Harley thought she would just punch Granny Goodness and get out of this, but the punch didn’t even phase Granny. When Harley wakes up from Granny using her powers on her, she is locked up in a room with Tina. They argue for a bit until Bernadeth walks in. She tells both of them that they are in a personality re-education center. She goes on to say that when she is done with them they won’t remember anything, not even their own names.

I can’t wait to find out how this story ends. Will Harley be able to get out of this? The world may never know…..well until the next comic comes out at least!



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