Batman 51

I didn’t even want to read this after Batman 50 and the freaking wedding. I am still pissy about that, but I sucked it up and read it. Also, my husband may disown me if I gave up Batman.

So it starts out with Bruce Wayne getting out of a car, going to sit in a waiting room, and then being called into questioning for jury duty. Bruce answers all of these questions about if he is with Batman or with the city. For whatever reason the judge believes Bruce is with the city and goes ahead and puts him on the jury.

My favorite thing about this whole issue is the old lady sitting at the table with the rest of the jury and she says “Why is it so damn cold in here?” I don’t know why, but it made me giggle. My next thought was how is Batman going to do Batman things if he is staying in a hotel for this case? My question was answered on the next page, as Dick is taking over Batman’s job while he is busy.

We get into the case about three dead women who suffered from random blood clots that enter their brains. No one noticed anything odd about these bodies until Batman showed up. Batman told the police that the women had a slight temperature drop in each of their brain stems. The court goes on to ask the commissioner if Batman is licensed to perform autopsies and the commissioner reluctantly says no.

It cuts to all of the jury eating lunch and talking about the case. Bruce excuses himself to go to the restroom. While he is in there he rips a urinal off of the wall and throws it. Uhhhh….did no where hear that? How is he going to explain his way out of that? Irritable bowel syndrome??

It goes back to the courtroom, where they are talking to Mr. Fries about his confession of the murders. He tells them that he murdered the three woman as part of an experiment. He yells out that he did kill them. He goes on to say that Batman was a different man the night that he beat him up. He tells the court that Batman kept hitting him until he confessed. If he didn’t confess, Batman was going to kill him.

The jury meets back up to discuss if Mr. Freeze is guilty or not. Everyone said he was guilty, except Bruce. And that is where the story ends. This is where my husband and I have different views on the story. He thinks that Bruce says Mr. Freeze is not guilty because Batman is feeling guilty. Batman is feeling that he went to far with violence to get the confession. I, on the other hand, think that Batman is being set up in a way. I don’t disagree that Batman got a confession out of Mr. Freeze, but I don’t think the beating was as bad as Mr. Freeze is telling everyone. I think that he is trying to set up something in order to blame the murders on Batman.

Even though I am still upset about Batman not getting married, I really did enjoy this story. I really want to find out how this ends…and how long can Bruce go without doing Batman things?!



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