Titans 23

I have to be honest with this review…this is my first time reading Titans. I mean I watch Teen Titans Go with my daughter, but apparently that is not the same thing lmao. I made my husband explain the difference to me. I came into a story that had already been set up and so I was lost during some of the comic. So just hang with me as I learn more about the Titans.

These newly formed Titans pick up right where they left off from the last issue (or at least that is what my husband told me). They are rushing to a scene where there are high levels of emergent energy being recorded. This is the runoff energy that is left over from the source wall being broken in the Metal event. (Which I really did not like the Metal events, sorry not sorry, but it went on waaay toooooo loooooong).

On this Titans team there is Nightwing (team leader, nice ass, hot body, I mean sweet artwork). Next there is Raven (I’m pretty sure she could be in a Hocus Pocus reboot and no one would know the difference). Then there is Steel (Steel working on a name for her lol). My favorite, Beast Boy (He has the BEST jokes, like for real). There is Donna Troy (Scary Amazonish person). Finally, the freaking last person is Miss Martian (The Babysitter).

The teams arrives to the scene of the event and it looks like some weird shit has gone down. They look for people and can’t find any, but they are finding huge freaking rats. They should have left right then. After more searching they do find some people. This guy is freaking out and yells “That is the guy that was trying to hurt me.” This guy has some weird energy buzzing off of him.

Beast Boy tries to talk this guy down and Raven helps by making the guy feel the hurt and pain that Beast Boy feels. That was enough to calm the guy down and get power dampeners on his wrists. They find out that the guy blasted the shopkeeper right in the face and that no one should have survived that. Turns out that the shopkeeper has some crazy powers and loses it. The Titans are trying to fight him but his power levels are really high.

The new guy with the new powers comes in and somewhat saves the day. He stopped the bad guy, but he killed him. Nightwing is super pissed that the guy died, he said that we don’t kill people and now we won’t get any answers from him. And that is basically it. I liked this story and will continue to read it. It was just hard to review something that I just walked into!



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