Plastic Man #2

I’m not sure how to feel about Plastic Man….I enjoyed the first comic, but this one felt like it was drawn out. It starts off that he is looking for someone and asking all of these random people if they know who he is talking about. He even asks Batwoman about the person he is looking for and then asks about her seeing his “Slide Trombone” lmao….like no thank you Plastic Man.

For whatever reason, he is passed out in an alley and these two girls he works with find him and try to pull him inside. That is when they find out he is stretchy and weird. But they stay and listen to his story?! Like no thank you I am not staying around to find out why your skin in stretchy.

He wakes up and tells the girl why his skin is so stretchy and then tells them about the boy that he is trying to find. This boy saved him for the police but when the tables were turned he ran away instead of saving the boy from “Batman”. So now he is trying to find this kid so that he can make sure he is safe.

He gets a random phone call on a phone that he didn’t know that he had. The lady on the other end of the phone tells him where he can find the kids. Plastic man goes and finds the boy and realizes that it is a girl. Then finds out that the person behind the kidnapping is Man-Bat. The best line of the book is when Mr. Plastic calls Man-Bat a douchebat. The story ends with Plastic Man asking Man-Bat how he can join so that he can be protected.

I am interested in finding out who else he joins up with for protection and what the protection is for. It is a six-issue mini-series, which I am glad because I still don’t love Plastic Man as much as other books. Although his jokes are spot on and I do like those.



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