Batman Dectetive 984

This starts out with some weird lady selling a creepy mask to a strange man named Karma. He uses this mask and attacks Cassandra Cain (which I love her, how can you attack her?!). Cassandra is trying to hold her own but is having a hard time.

Batman sends Black Lightening to go and save Cassandra. Black Lightening hits Karma with his powers. Karma somehow absorbed this power and becomes stronger. At this point Batman is there. Karma hits Batman with all of this new power he has. It really hurts Batman and he can no longer fight back.

Somehow Jefferson ends up at Wayne Manor where Batman is being taken care of. This is where he learns that Batman is Bruce Wayne. I was a little surprised that they let Jefferson know this. Why do they trust him that much? Isn’t that a liability? However, Jefferson talks to Bruce about “the kids” and how they really need help. I have to admit I was like wtf, what kids is he talking about, is Batman going bad? My husband was like dear lord Brittany he is talking about Cassandra, Babs, and Duke. (Like I was supposed to know that).

The kids want to help stop Karma and Jefferson tells Batman that. Bruce tells him that they just make me weak….and that’s it, the comic ends. Why would Bruce say that about the kids? Those are all people who mean a lot to him. My next question is who is Karma? Is it Geo-Force? What does he want?



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