Batgirl 24

YAY!!!!!!!!! Batgirl is one of my favorites!!!! So, this opens with some type of drug called Easy-A that is being sold on a college campus. Some kids that are buying the drug see a shadow and run off. The drug dealers call the shadow Batman….but it’s not…it’s BATGIRL! I was like great another Batgirl story that has to do with substances and kids and whatever. Thankfully that part of the story ended there.

So Babs meets with a friend for coffee the next morning. The friend tells Babs that she is worried about one of their former classmates because he has been brought to the hospital three times in a month and that he was pretty beat up. Babs says that she will look in to it.

Batgirl follows the guy and finds out that he is some type of trouble. She tries to save him, but he tells her to leave. Before she can convince him to leave Two-Face walks in. This is when I yell out “Woah it’s Two-Face!!!” and my husband says yeah, he was on the cover…Oh well I wasn’t paying attention to that lol.

This computer hacker that is working for Two-Face, knocks out Batgirl and Two-Face and ties them up. He tells them that he is still going to set off the bombs that he rigged, but first he is going to kill Two-Face because Two-Face killed his father. But like always Batgirl gets her hands out of the rope and saves the day. She pushes the gun away so that the bullet misses Two-Face.

Batgirl tries to console Jacob and tells him that she saved Two-Face because that is a decision that he can not come back from. So, instead Jacob goes behind Batgirl’s back (Literally, they were hugging when he pushed the start button). He starts the count down for the bombs that were to go off in the city every six minutes.

Batgirl has to save the day again by trying to rewrite the code so that the bombs don’t go off. Jacob tells her good luck because she is going to have to get through 23 layers of encryption. Batgirl’s tells herself that she can do this because there was a reason that Jacob was the 2nd best coder in school (Girl Power!!!) She saves the day by recoding everything in time.

At the end she meets with Gordon and he tells her that what she did was considered nearly impossible. This really pisses me off…like hello Gordon do you not know that Batgirl is your daughter. You know that your daughter was in school for coding and that she is really good at it…and Batgirl is really good at it….and you can’t put two and two together…like come on now.



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