Batgirl 23

So yes I know that this comic came out a few weeks ago, but I was behind on Batgirl. How dare I?! I’m sorry Batgirl!!

This comic picks up from Batgirl 22 where she was hit with some type of device and she is in a dream like state. She is fighting some giant beast lady named May Hao. I thought that after she got knocked out by May that she was broken out of the dream state.

After the fight, Babs goes to mediate to try to bring herself back. Still, at this point I thought she was just confused. I was like you are out of the dream state, why do you need to meditate? I was like maybe she doesn’t know what is real and what is fake.

While she is trying to find herself, she gets a phone call that tells her she needs to come save her father. Batgirl goes to find her father and is confronted by a girl named Martina. Martina tells Batgirl that she wants to be trained by her so that she can take over the Batgirl position one day. Martina told her that if she does not train her, then she will not be able to save her father.

Batgirl walks away!!!! I was shocked. We all know how much she loves her dad and that she would do anything for him. This was a seriously bold move, because what if she wasn’t really in a dream still? What if this is real and she just walked awa from her own father?

Batgirl thinks that she still needs to break this dream so she goes and visits Kai. She tells Kai EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. She confesses that she is Batgirl. She goes on to tell him that she wants the simple life with him and then she kisses him. That kiss was enough to wake her up from the dream.

She wakes up back in real life, fighting the guy that put her in that state. The guy tells her about his new device that puts people into a dream that they will not want to wake up from. He was surprised that Batgirl came back from the dream. The two fight some more and Batgirl wins!

She ties him up and sets him on the steps of the police station. This part is so funny to me…like are the police used to having people tied up on their stairs. Are they all like oh Batgirl got another one! No one thinks this is weird?!



3 thoughts on “Batgirl 23

  1. I never thought about the tying-up-villains thing when I was a kid. As Spider-Man’s always been my favorite superhero, I’ve seen the ol’ tie ’em up and leave a note for the cops routine a lot. I was just reading a comic where he did that a few months ago and it struck me…how do you even convict someone that way?!? There’s no evidence, no witnesses (usually)…nothing but a note from a vigilante. This led me to one of two conclusions. Either allllllll those criminals Spidey’s webbed up and left for the cops never went to jail because there’s no way our justice system could/would convict someone based on a note from a masked vigilante ooooor maybe Adult Me was thinking too hard about this :). But I can’t stop! Now I think of it every time I see him (or any hero) do it! So this is my long way of saying I’m happy I’m not the only one who ponders the strangeness of this classic superheroing technique.


      1. Yeah, I often laugh at the stuff that throws off my suspension of disbelief. Like Spidey leaving the baddies webbed up for the cops puzzles me but him getting superpowers from a radioactive spider bite and not, you know, cancer is fine by me. I think I do need to just roll with it more often :).

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