Nightwing #46

The cover was awesome, I mean did you see Nightwing’s ass? Looking good man! Then Batgirl is there too…she’s one of my favorites. I really wanted to be excited about this book, because I do like Dick….Grayson. But I am over those little spider bot things. I wasn’t crazy about the last issue and I was hoping to end this quickly.

Batgirl comes and saves the day by getting Nightwing out away from the bots. They get to a safe place and Batgirl straight up punches Nightwing in the face! I mean it was for his own good, as there was a device in his face. Batgirl finds out that the device is near his brain stem and she can’t get it out. Batgirl puts some goggles she has made on his eyes. Dick starts to tell her names to look up and she finds out that they are all related by being in the same ninth grade class. They think that one guy out of the group is in danger right then. Nightwing goes out to try to save him and lands himself surrounded by these things called the Terminals.

Honesty, I did not like this story. I am over it and I hope that we get something better soon. I had a hard time getting into this story and that is why I saved it for one of my last books to read. ” I want the old Dick back. I don’t want bad new Dick. I want good old Dick. Give me the Dick I’m used to. Give me the Dick I love.” Not even Batgirl could save this story.



4 thoughts on “Nightwing #46

  1. Your well written review confirms my suspicion that Nightwing #46 was not worth the read during my much needed vacation. I love your insight on Dick. I’m with you that good ol’ Dick is WAY better than “bad new Dick”. From one chick who likes the Dick she’s used to, to another.

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