Harley Quinn #45

LOVE Harley Quinn. As lame as it may be, it is one of my favorite comics. The jokes in her books are awesome. My husband hates when I read the jokes out loud, but his humor sucks, so he doesn’t understand my love for Harley.

The art and story lines of Harley never lets me down. It does have a new writer this week, Sam Humphries (or as I call him humpmeharder). I liked the writing this week and the artwork. But I am a little bias because Harley Quinn could do no wrong for me! LOL!

This story starts out with Harley trying to be calm while at the beach, so that she can enjoy her vacation. Which is quickly interrupted by Lashina and Bernadeth. After Harley takes care of those two she is attacked from behind. She wakes up to find herself at Granny Goodness’s house. Granny seemed like a nice old lady who baked cookies for Harley. Then shit got real, super quick.

Harley is now battling to get to the center of the sinister snarl…which she does (I mean are we really surprised, I knew she would). Granny wants Harley to sign up to be a part of this world. It comes at a price but of course Harley doesn’t care and just signs up. (When is this girl going to learn)

In this new world Harley is now Hammer Harleen (love this name). Granny wants Hammer Harleen to fight Petite Tina. Harley finds her at the end of the story and this girl is anything but petite. Petite Tina is a big bitch. I can’t wait to find out how this story ends.



(If it was up to my husband it would be 0/10)


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