Catwoman #1

Where to start? Well I was not happy going into this book because of what happened in Batman 50 (read my review on that). Even though I was upset, this book was awesome! I have never really been a fan of Catwoman, but I may be now! The cover was great and the paper in the comic felt like old school paper. I loved it!

I was shocked from the very first page because of Catwoman shooting a policeman (like who is this crazy lady?!!) Then the police try to arrest her and she tells them not today, you have the wrong cat. I was like yeah sure whatever, that’s what they all say.

Then the Governor’s wife freaked me the freak out! Her assistants are all in there while this lady take her face off. She pulls her teeth out and then her nose off and I’m just sitting here like what happened to her. How the hell are her assistants just sitting there calmly, while this lady pulls half of her face off. During all that an imposter Catwoman shows up and pulls her mask off. I just randomly yell out, “That’s not Catwoman”!!!

Selina gets a box of her things from Alfred and that broke my heart all over again. So she decides to figure out what the cops were talking about because she didn’t kill the police. She runs into someone dressed like Catwoman and follows her to a warehouse full of people wearing Catwoman costumes. I’m over here like WTF I want a Catwoman suit, I want to be badass. Where can I sign up?!! Can I order this on Amazon?! Will it be two-day shipping, I need to plan my week!

I don’t know a lot about Selina’s history but this gives me a good excuse to annoy my husband and make him pull out his Catwoman comics. It also gives me an excuse to spend his money on more comics!



catwoman 1

This is not the Catwoman Suit that I wanted….Thanks Amazon!cat suit

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