Batman 50 The Wedding!!!


First off I have to say I did enjoy the art in this issue. Second, The New York Times sucks for spoiling the story. And finally WTF?!!!!

So we have all been waiting FOREVER for this huge wedding day. I wanted Batman and Catwoman to get married so bad. I wanted a batcat baby!! I went into this story hoping that they would get married, but deep down I knew they wouldn’t. And they didn’t and I was pissed. This comic was a huge letdown.

So after I was done yelling at my husband and blaming him for getting me into comics, I read the last page of the comic. Then I had a million questions. Why is Bane on the last page…was this a set up by Bane? Like I need answers now and I don’t want to wait another 50 freaking issues.

Next I want to talk about the art. I loved it. Neal Adams, Amanda Conner, David Finch, and Jim Lee were some of my favorite artwork from the book. Even though I hate the story, the art was on point.

So to wrap it all up my little heart is broken because I wanted them to get married. The next wedding that I want to see (and they actually get married) is Nightwing (Dick) and Batgirl (Barbara). I mean wouldn’t that be amazing!! They could have nightbat babies!!



batman 50


3 thoughts on “Batman 50 The Wedding!!!

  1. I have NO IDEA why the New York Times had to spoil this for everyone. I’m not a huge Batman reader (although I do love me some ‘Detective Comics’ (so I guess I AM a Batman reader even if I don’t see myself as such)) but I was still royally annoyed that they’d do something like that. And I can’t believe the whole wedding was a bait-and-switch too! I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrated you are, given how frustrated I am and I’m mainly a Marvel guy. I was really, really hoping for the marriage too. It would have given such interesting/unique story potential!

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      1. Aaaah! I can’t wait! I think it’s such a brilliant example of what a team book can be when it’s functioning at it’s highest. I just adore everything about it – especially how Kate serves as a foil for/balances Bruce as a character. It’s so, so good!

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